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Nothing can ever prepare you for the death of a friend. We can ask questions, seek answers, but sometimes we have to accept the fact we may never find those answers. You replay the last moment with them in your head, the last conversation, wishing you didn’t take it for granted, or wishing you made more time. We often forget our lives are ephemeral.

All I can say is I’m thankful for your trust, the words you’ve shared with me, your friendship, and your thoughtfulness. I will keep those words forever. I’ll miss your smile, your jokes, and your laughter.

The fact you kept the drawing I made you years ago made me cry today. It’s funny how I brought home the tag you gave me 5 years ago. I’m sorry I couldn’t ask you how you were doing. You left so suddenly. I hope you knew you were loved. So many people hold you close to their hearts. I hope you found peace. I know you’re in paradise.
Love you, Mike. Rest in peace.

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Aw yis fresh sheetzzzz



Pen, ink, & salt (38x50)


In desperate need of an adventure buddy✈️

Life currently.

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